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National Capital is specialised in KiwiSaver and Investment research. We advise Kiwis on over $50 million of their KiwiSaver savings providing free KiwiSaver advice, with the goal of empowering one million kiwis to become financially secure.

We have tried to answer the question, “How do I ensure I am in the right KiwiSaver strategy and fund for my needs?” by creating this comprehensive resource for all your KiwiSaver related questions, and other information we think you should know.

However, please note that this is not personalised financial advice. If you want advice based on your own circumstances and goals, please start by submitting our KiwiSaver HealthCheck.

KiwiSaver News: Over 65 Average Under 50k KiwiSaver

The average Kiwi over 65 years old in New Zealand has a KiwiSaver balance under $50,000. While this..

KiwiSaver News: Inflation Impact Means for KiwiSaver

Rising inflation is a leading topic in New Zealand and worldwide as central banks have been forced..

KiwiSaver News: New Default KiwiSaver Funds Initial Performance 2022

In the default funds, there has been 2.6 billion New Zealand dollars invested by Kiwi’s. The six..

News: KiwiSaver investing in wake of Russian invasion

Millions of Kiwis signed up to KiwiSaver are growing more conscious of exactly where their money is..

KiwiSaver Provider Simplicity asked to remove misleading advertising campaign

KiwiSaver provider Simplicity has recently been under fire due to their “All Greys” advertising..