KiwiSaver Videos

Learn all you need to know about KiwiSaver & Investing from the short videos below. The more you learn and understand KiwiSaver & Investing, the better you will be able to plan for your first home and your retirement.

What is KiwiSaver?

What is KiwiSaver?


How does Volatility affect KiwiSaver?

How does volatility affect your KiwiSaver account


Types of KiwiSaver Funds



KiwiSaver & Your First Home

KiwiSaver and your First Home


Which KiwiSaver Fund am I in?

Which KiwiSaver fund am I in?


Emotions in Investing

Understanding the emotions of Investing


The Trust Equation

The Trust Equation


National Capital KiwiSaver Advice process

What is the process to sort out my KiwiSaver account


Just checking the past performance and fees is NOT enough

KiwiSaver video - more than past returns and fees


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