About us


Who is National Capital?

We are Financial Advisers specialising in KiwiSaver & Investment research. National Capital was founded in 2018 and now advises Kiwis on over $100 million of their KiwiSaver savings. We are based in Auckland, but serve clients all over New Zealand. We provide free KiwiSaver advice, with the goal of empowering one million Kiwis to become financially secure.

Our parent company is Saturn Portfolio Management, who have been around since 1988 and currently advises clients on more than $400 million of their money.



Louise McConnell

Client Consultant

With over 20 years as a Chartered Accountant working in the corporate sector, Louise enjoys working with everyday Kiwis to ensure they are financially secure in retirement.

She likes to keep things simple so people aren’t mystified by the complex financial jargon that can be used. She understands the numbers and can interpret their meaning for your financial freedom.



Joyce Yu

Financial Adviser

Holding an undergraduate degree in Economics and a Masters degree in Finance, Joyce has worked in the financial service industry for over 14 years in foreign exchange, business banking and wealth management.

She has a knack for demystifying complex financial concepts and making them relatable to people.

Joyce is also a Financial Adviser at our sister company Saturn Advice.


Tim Photo 1

Tim Wells

Senior Financial Consultant

Tim empowers clients by providing visibility of their current situation and helping to optimise their path forward. He loves using analogies to help clients grasp complex financial matters and has a strong motivation to develop continually.

Tim has a Bachelor's degree from Auckland University of Technology and years of experience managing client interactions with previous roles in the tech industry and global consumer product brands.


Ilma 2

Ilma Mani

Financial Adviser

Ilma is a graduate of Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Finance. 

Her passion for numbers, combined with her desire to serve people drove her to become a financial adviser. She is looking forward to using her previous experience and combining it with her new skills and knowledge to assist National Capital clients to become financially secure. 

In her spare time, Ilma is an avid dancer and a rookie Japanese Jiu-Jitsu trainee. 



Timothy Edwards

Financial Adviser (CFP)

Tims role as a financial adviser is to help people achieve their financial goals.

With over 20 years as an investment adviser, he has hands-on experience advising clients in both good times as well as in tougher ones. Often clients are seeking concise explanations of complex issues in order to guide them, and Tim aims to provide the appropriate information at a level that is digestible to each client.

Tim is also a Financial Adviser at our sister company Saturn Advice.



Clive Fernandes

Director / Financial Adviser

Clive is the director and a financial adviser for National Capital. He is responsible for the advice logic and ensuring all clients needs are met.

Prior to launching National Capital, he worked for Findex, an Australia/NZ advisory firm with over seventeen billion dollars in funds under advice. He launched National Capital in 2018 with the intention of helping more Kiwis become financially secure.


Lisa Dudson

Lisa Dudson


Lisa began investing when she was just 16 years old and today is one of New Zealand’s leading voices in financial advice.

Lisa draws on her experience as an investor, author, entrepreneur, and professional speaker to provide pragmatic and meaningful advice to clients. She has written articles for the New Zealand Herald, Sunday Star Times, Women’s Day and NZ Property and has appeared on The AM Show, Breakfast, Good Morning, 60 Minutes and TV3 News.


John McConnell

John McConnell


John has owned and or managed financial services businesses for more than 25 years.

During this time he learned not all financial advice businesses are equal. Some are more directed to gaining a sale than operating in the best interests of the client, which he struggles with personally and hence set out to build something different.

When he’s not in the office, you’ll find John in the great outdoors. Biking and paddle boarding are his two main passions.


Rest of the team

We're helped by an amazing team of support staff who help us in client administration and KiwiSaver research. We're also very lucky to have an advisory board of some very experienced and smart Kiwis who are there to guide us on our journey to help 1 million Kiwis become financially secure. 

A big thank you to our past and present interns for their work at National Capital! Click here to see the amazing people who have helped build National Capital to where we are today.


What is our story?

All New Zealanders deserve to be financially secure but only 1 in 3 of us feel that way now. National Capital wants to help Kiwis do better. We believe that the first step to achieving our mission is to maximise our KiwiSaver opportunity. 

National Capital was founded in 2018 and now advises Kiwis on over $100 million of their KiwiSaver savings. We are Financial Advisers specialising in KiwiSaver & Investment research. 

National Capital is a Registered Financial Service Provider and is supervised by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA). We are based in Auckland, but serve clients all over New Zealand. 


What are our values?

National Capital is formed on the principles of pūataata (transparency), tikanga (ethics) and taurikura (prosperity). 

Our ethics policy is built on five pillars: Transparency, Client First Decisions, Competence, Confidentiality and Professional Behaviour.

Everything we do will be in an ethical manner and we will allow you to be the judge of that by being 100% transparent. Underpinning these five pillars is Integrity, which we define as being consistent in our application of the above principles, and holding not only ourselves but everyone in our company to the same high standards.


What do we offer?

We provide free personalised KiwiSaver advice with the goal of empowering one million Kiwis to become financially secure. We help our clients select an appropriate KiwiSaver provider and fund which suits their goals, requirements and financial situation. Our research covers 23 different KiwiSaver Schemes. 

Let us help you - start by taking our KiwiSaver HealthCheck.


Who are our clients?

We want to help as many Kiwis as possible in KiwiSaver. That includes those for who retirement is getting serious, Kiwis who are planning on using KiwiSaver to buy their first home and those who simply want to know which KiwiSaver fund is best suited to their personal situation.

In the past, receiving sound financial advice has been expensive and time-consuming. National Capital wants to make a change so financial advice is more accessible and understandable for our clients. 

But don’t just take it from us. Here is what some of our clients had to say.