5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Take KiwiSaver Advice From National Capital

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KiwiSaver advice? No thanks, I’m fine thank you. 

When a company offers free KiwiSaver and financial advice through the internet and not in person, we understand there are things you may be sceptical about. 

Do I really need KiwiSaver advice from National Capital? Here are 5 common reasons why you may be avoiding getting KiwiSaver advice and why you shouldn’t sidestep it.

1. Why not DIY? I’ll just check past performance and fees - that’s all I need.

Although past performance and fees are important to look at, there’s more to choosing a suitable KiwiSaver fund. National Capital conducts research that considers a range of factors such as the asset allocation of your fund and what your fund is invested in. As KiwiSaver members, it should be important to think about a range of variables such as who are the people looking after your money and how you can keep your money safe. With a team of professional financial advisors, National Capital will do the research so you can make an educated guess on what KiwiSaver fund is right for you. Here's a short video explaining why our clients need us.

Although you CAN do it yourself, National Capital saves you the time of researching and monitoring your KiwiSaver account. This means you can spend more time with the people you love, doing the things you love.

2. National Capital receives commissions from providers.

National Capital’s service to you is free, this is so high fees are not standing in the way of consumers receiving quality financial advice. We are able to operate in this manner because we work with providers who pay us. 

We believe every KiwiSaver provider has a duty of care to their clients, this involves giving financial advice on KiwiSaver and ensuring clients are in the right fund. National Capital offers a service that is mutually beneficial to all parties involved. This is done through monitoring the provider’s funds, keeping in contact with clients and altering our recommendations based on evolving circumstances. In a sense, we provide the ‘customer service’ part of the provider’s KiwiSaver product which is why we only work with providers who pay us.


3. I can’t trust someone I found on the internet.

We understand you on this one and understand that using a digital financial advisor may seem daunting. With the overflow of information on the internet, it's difficult to know what we can and cannot trust. 

National Capital is New Zealand owned and operated; we comply with New Zealand legislation and keep our clients’ interests above our own. We are also regulated by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) which is New Zealand’s government agency responsible for financial regulation. National Capital are thought leaders in KiwiSaver - have you seen us in the news?

Apart from legislation making us do the right thing, we are also formed on three Maori principles: pūataata - to be transparent, tikanga - the correct way, and taurikura - prosperity. At National Capital, we place a large emphasis on trust and everything we do is done in an ethical manner.

Although we operate online, we are people too! Feel free to talk to one of our professional financial advisors through the phone.


4. It’s way too much hassle to get it done.

Yes, it does require work to get us to understand your situation. However, once you have communicated this, we will do the rest.

Completing a KiwiSaver HealthCheck will take about 15 minutes of your time. After this, you are well on your way to receiving KiwiSaver advice that can define your goals and how you’ll get there. The effort is well worth the outcome as you will receive personalised recommendations and ongoing support to ensure your KiwiSaver account is the right fit for you.

5. I don’t really want to think about retirement right now.

The unfortunate truth is that many Kiwis do not have financial security going into retirement. The average Kiwi could potentially lose over eighty thousand dollars in their KiwiSaver account by being in the wrong fund. This is why National Capital exists and why our goal is to empower 1 million Kiwis to be financially secure and have one less money worry.

Even if you think you may not be on track to meet your KiwiSaver and retirement needs, not having a KiwiSaver strategy is scarier than figuring one out. We’ll guide you through our process, keep your information confidential, and be 100% transparent along the way.

By seeking advice from National Capital you are taking one step in the right direction to be in control of your future and to reach your goals. Complete our KiwiSaver HealthCheck to get started.

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What's the reason not to get advice on you KiwiSaver account? Let National Capital help.

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