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Who do I contact regarding KiwiSaver?

Written by George Clarke
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Saving for your retirement can be a daunting topic for anyone, especially when you feel as though you are being left behind by those people who have it all sorted out. However, everyone deserves to feel stable, and that they will move into retirement with the money they need to remain that way.

Although it may feel like a weight on your shoulders right now, there are ways you can find more information regarding your use of KiwiSaver to make planning for your future easier, which this article will help you find.

It is important to understand how you should be using these services to best suit your needs, which is why National Capital is here to answer your burning questions about who to contact for the most reliable KiwiSaver information in your case.

Who should I contact about my KiwiSaver account?  

 If you are hoping to find information about your account, the best people to reach out to are your KiwiSaver providers. They will have all your personal information regarding your account available and will help you make informed decisions around your retirement savings.

While National Capital can offer you free KiwiSaver fund and provider recommendations tailored to your needs, your KiwiSaver account is run through your chosen provider, not through us. Therefore we are unable to give you the same details about your account that they can.

In the case that you are unsure of your KiwiSaver scheme provider, you can find that out by logging into your My IR Account and clicking through the ‘Scheme provider details page’. This will give you all the details about your chosen provider that you need to get in contact with them.

Who can I contact for KiwiSaver advice and recommendations?

You can contact us! National Capital is always available to offer personalised KiwiSaver recommendations and advice, tailored to your specific situation.

To start the process, you can take our KiwiSaver HealthCheck, a quick 10-15 minute survey, which gives us information to confirm whether or not you are in the appropriate fund.

From there, we analyse what fund you should be in and offer our advice to you. We base our advice on our extensive research into various KiwiSaver providers and funds, in order to give you a realistic and justified solution.

Once you receive our recommendations, it is up to you to decide if it makes sense for your future. Of course, we will still be right by your side to answer any further questions you may have, as we want to ensure that you are starting this new chapter feeling confident and secure.

Who do I contact to discuss my KiwiSaver contributions?

Depending on your current financial situation, you may find yourself feeling more confident (or less confident) to contribute to your KiwiSaver balance. But how and where can you actually change that? This can seem like a complicated process to find the right place without directions, but the answer is quite simple:

You should contact your employer to discuss your current contributions and any changes you may want to make. Your contributions are conducted through your income, and so the best way to find those details and change them is directly through your employer.

Who can I contact for something not mentioned in this article?

 There is always a chance that your question has not been answered by reading this page, and in that case, your best chance at finding the right information is through the IRD (Inland Revenue Department). Below, are some contact details that may be helpful:

Please note that calling hours for the IRD are:

Monday to Friday – 8am to 6pm

Saturday – 9am to 1pm

If you are a member of KiwiSaver, you should call the IRD through this phone number - 0800 549 472

If you are an employer looking to discuss employee details, you should call the IRD through this phone number - 0800 377 772

Due to the current impacts of COVID-19, the IRD may be unable to answer employers’ calls and web messages may be delayed. However, their self-service line is available through this phone number – 0800 257 777

If you are wanting to get in touch with the IRD from outside of New Zealand, you should use this phone number - +64 4 831 2392

To summarise, even if you were unable to find the information you wanted on this page, it does not mean the information is unavailable. The IRD is interested in improving the overall wellbeing of New Zealanders through financial and social means, and so you can almost always rely on them to either give you the right answer, or direct you towards someone who can.  




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Choosing the right type of KiwiSaver fund will make a big difference to your KiwiSaver payout.

Spending 10 minutes to complete our KiwiSaver HealthCheck form may be the most important thing you can do for your KiwiSaver account right now.


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