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KiwiSaver Advisers view on Sharesies upcoming KiwiSaver Scheme

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Sharesies, a New Zealand investment platform, is set to launch a KiwiSaver scheme in 2023. With many Kiwis already investing in the platform, it’s no surprise that Sharesies is confident about the potential popularity of their new venture. Their goal is to provide investment opportunities for all income brackets and make sure everyone feels comfortable investing and becoming financially secure. 

Sharesies has stated they are starting with supplying conservative, balanced and growth funds with an ethical orientation. Consumers will have access to both their investments and KiwiSaver on the same app, which provides convenience and easy analysis regarding their financial goals. Additionally, Sharesies have initiated a waitlist—showing their confidence in the success of this launch—and have been encouraging consumers to be more engaged with their KiwiSaver as it is an amazing initiative. 

What is Sharsies pitching?

The launch of Sharesies’ KiwiSaver scheme in 2023 promises to revolutionize how New Zealanders invest and save for retirement. They say investors will be able to easily manage their funds on one platform and monitor progress towards achieving financial goals from anywhere at any time. 

According to the launch articles, Sharesies’ upcoming KiwiSaver scheme is set to bring financial stability and security for investors of all income brackets across New Zealand when it launches in 2023. By providing convenient access to investments on one app, along with easy analysis tools, Sharesie’s goal is to make sure everyone feels comfortable investing and becoming financially secure regardless of budget size or experience level. 

KiwiSaver Advisers view

Clive Fernandes, Director of KiwiSaver Advice Firm National Capital said that the launch of this new product shows a commitment from Sharesies towards making the future brighter for investors across the country. He added, “However, I am not sure how different the underlying product will be from existing KiwiSaver aggregators such as InvestNow and AMP KiwiSaver. If it's just an easier way to see your balance on an app, it perhaps won’t add as much value as I hope it will”

National Capital is a KiwiSaver adviser, with a similar goal to Sharesies. The mission of National Capital is to help a million kiwis become financially secure. Unlike Sharesies, they do not run an investment platform or a KiwiSaver provider, but instead research different KiwiSaver funds to help Kiwis choose the best one for their needs.

Initiatives such as Sharesies’ KiwiSaver scheme & National Capital promise to revolutionize how New Zealanders invest and save for retirement in 2023. Investors need to start using such services to manage their investments and monitor progress towards achieving financial goals.

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