Why does a CA take our advice?

Why David, a Chartered Accountant gets KiwiSaver Advice from National Capital

David is a chartered account and owner of SBA. So when he approached us for KiwiSaver Advice, we were very interested to know the reasons why.

One of the first things David told us, was he felt National Capital's push to give KiwiSaver advice online, might be the way of the future. However, what attracted him to National Capital was that even though the primary way of working was online, he could always pick up the phone and speak to a real person if required.

Being a Chartered Accountant, David is very well versed with finances, numbers etc. So why does someone like him need us? In David's own words, "Financial Advice is not my main line of business. It makes much more sense to talk to somebody who has their eye and their ear on the financial markets on a daily basis, which I don't have." 

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