Should we increase the NZ super age?

National Party wants to change the NZ Super eligibility age. What are your thoughts?

The National Party wants to raise the super eligibility age to 67 in 2037. Super currently costs about 4 percent of GDP. So they say this step is important to ensure the long term sustainability of the NZ super scheme. Winston Peters on the other hand, condemned this and said the National Party has thrown older kiwis under the bus again regarding super. He firmly believes the super age should be kept at 65.

The age at which you can withdraw your KiwiSaver money is linked to super right now, so this is a topic which should be very important to you and is very important to us as KiwiSaver advisers. 

Do you believe we need to change the age of super, or should we keep it where it is?

We are helping Kiwis sort their KiwiSaver accounts so irrespective of what the government does, our clients can still have a secure retirement.


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