Get 10 Free Coffees from Demo Deli

Sort out your KiwiSaver account and support a local business at the same time!


Kia ora. You obviously love the coffees served up by Poonam at Demolition Deli as much as we do! Here's your chance to sort out your KiwiSaver account, score 10 free coffees and be a great Te Atatu Peninsula local by supporting a local business.

National Capital are Financial Advisers who help our clients choose the best KiwiSaver provider for their financial situation and goals. Our fees are paid by the KiwiSaver providers, so there is no additional cost to you to become a client!

So go ahead and submit our KiwiSaver HealthCheck and you could potentially end up with thousand's of dollars more in your KiwiSaver balance. 

And to sweeten the deal, we will send you a 10 coffee voucher which you can use at Demo Deli once you proceed with our recommendations and become a National Capital client.  Remember to mention 'Demo Deli' in the 'additional info' box at the end of the HealthCheck.

Note: Please read the complete Promotion rules at the bottom of this page. You need to agree to the rules of the promotion to be eligible for this promotion.

National Capital is not a KiwiSaver provider. We are Financial Advisers who help our clients select the appropriate KiwiSaver provider and fund which suits their requirements and financial situation. Our research covers more than 200 KiwiSaver funds from 12 different KiwiSaver Schemes. Click here for the scope and limitations of our service.

Providers we work with

How it works in 3 simple steps

Take the KiwiSaver HealthCheck. Receive our personalised recommendations. 
Make your decision.

We are professional financial advisers using the latest technology to give you personalised recommendations, at no cost to you. We do all the work in the backend so you don't have to! - Follow our 3 simple steps.


KiwiSaver HealthCheck

You complete the KiwiSaver HealthCheck. This gives us information that we need to ensure you are in the appropriate KiwiSaver fund. This should take you about 10 to 15 mins.


Our Recommendations

This information is analysed by us to determine what type of KiwiSaver fund you should be in. Based on our research on various KiwiSaver providers we then recommend the appropriate KiwiSaver fund for you.


You make the decision

You then go through our recommendations and decide for yourself if it makes sense for you. You can then go ahead with the recommendation, ask questions if you have any, or decide that you do not want to proceed.

If you decide to go ahead, National Capital will then implement the recommendations along with your KiwiSaver provider.



‘National Capital’ or 'We/we/our' means National Capital Limited, a Financial Advice Provider and all brands controlled by or associated with the company. 

The ‘Promoter’ is National Capital. 

The Promotion

National Capital is working with local businesses to encourage people to sort out their KiwiSaver accounts and support local businesses at the same time. Participating local businesses will share details of this promotion with their clientele. 

Once an eligible participant goes through the KiwiSaver advice process and becomes a National Capital client, we will then send out  10 free coffee vouchers to the participant. Multiple people from the same household can take part in this promotion and receive multiple coffee vouchers.

The voucher will only be provided if the participant proceeds with our recommendations and therefore becomes a client of National Capital. This means there is a possible conflict of interest, because we may only receive payment from the KiwiSaver provider if the participant proceeds with our recommendations. However, we manage this conflict of interest to ensure we always prioritise the participants interest and will only make a recommendation to switch KiwiSaver providers if we think it is in their best interest. More details can be found in the Important Disclosure Information section on this page.

Participant Eligibility

Only participants as defined by the rules below are eligible to be referred for the promotion.

  1. This promotion is valid for New Zealand residents.
  2. This promotion is not valid for existing clients of National Capital; but is valid for members of their household who are not National Capital clients yet.
  3. Referred participants must be existing KiwiSaver members who are genuinely looking for KiwiSaver advice.
  4. Referred participants must be employed and contribute at least 3% of their regular wages to KiwiSaver. 

Terms of Participation

  1. This promotion will be valid until such time as National Capital removes this offer from its website, or when National Capital has sent a total of 1500 vouchers (each voucher = 1 coffee) to new National Capital clients (whichever is earlier). National Capital will not be required to send vouchers to new National Capital clients under this promotion once this promotion has been removed from its website, or once the 1500 voucher cap has been reached. This 1500 voucher limit may be increased at the sole discretion of National Capital. National Capital will endeavour to remove all promotional material relating to this offer prior to this cap being reached.
  2. Entry into the Promotion is deemed to be acceptance of the Terms of Participation
  3. National Capital reserves the right to exclude any person from participating in the Promotion on reasonable grounds.
  4. National Capital reserves the right to refuse to send the voucher to any referred participants whom National Capital decides (in its sole discretion) has violated the rules, gained unfair advantage in participating in the Promotion or won using fraudulent means. 
  5. If the Referred participant does not accept these Terms of Participation, or does not satisfy the eligibility requirements, the voucher will not be sent.