Nature & Scope of Service


Personalised Financial Advice

National Capital is not a KiwiSaver scheme provider. We are Financial Advisers specialising in KiwiSaver & investment research and provide personalised financial advice. We help our clients select an appropriate KiwiSaver scheme provider and fund which suits their personal requirements and financial situation. Our research covers more than 100 KiwiSaver funds from over 12 different KiwiSaver schemes.

Limitations of our service

Our service is exclusively for giving you advice on your KiwiSaver account. As part of our advice process, we will ask you questions about any assets or liabilities you have outside of KiwiSaver. We use this information we take from you to calculate what returns you will need from your KiwiSaver account. Our advice is limited to structuring your KiwiSaver investment.

You may have other financial advice needs which we are unable to provide at this moment via our online service.

We will not provide you advice on the following topics

  • Debt management
  • Cashflow management
  • Mortgage lending
  • Goal setting
  • Retirement planning (other than KiwiSaver)
  • Investment advice (other than KiwiSaver)
  • Personal risk insurance
  • General estate planning

As we have not provided you with advice on the above areas, our recommendations may not totally integrate into your overall financial position. This means that the recommendations provided in this document are in isolation to your other financial affairs. This may mean that your other financial affairs may not totally integrate into the advice we provide you.

Please let us know if you would like financial advice in any of the above areas.

Note: In certain circumstances (and based on the information you have provided us) we may be able to advise you on financial advice areas other than KiwiSaver. We will inform you of any change in the scope of our advice as required. 

Limitations of our data gathering

Our advice relies on the information you provide us via our KiwiSaver HealthCheck. We are unable to verify the accuracy of the information you provide us, including your assessment of your expected retirement expenses. If the information you provide us is inaccurate, the advice we give might not be suitable for your actual circumstances. 

Limitations of our research and advice

There are more than 25 KiwiSaver scheme providers with 250+ KiwiSaver funds among them. Currently we work with only a subset of those providers and our research covers approximately 150 funds that they run. Other KiwiSaver providers including your current one might have a fund which suits your requirements and has had a better past performance than the fund we recommend. However, the number of funds we are able to research is large enough to give you a recommendation that is suitable for you to achieve your goals. Please click here for our updated Investment Selection Process and the list of all providers we have taken into consideration.

Conflicts of interest and incentives

Please read the Conflicts of interest and incentives section on our About us page for more details. 

Reliability History

Reliability history is information regarding any recent material instances of being publicly disciplined, relevant convictions, or civil proceedings and, in the case of financial advisers, any recent bankruptcies or insolvencies.

There are no reliability events relating to National Capital.