Is 35 mins worth $87,000 to you?

KiwiSaver is the only retirement savings for many Kiwis. The typical 40 year old Kiwi could potentially lose $87,000 if they are in an unappropriate KiwiSaver fund for their situation. Most of us need help, but are not sure where to look for it.

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How National Capital can help?

National Capital is a Financial Advice firm specialising in Investment and KiwiSaver research. Our mission is to help 1 million Kiwis become financially secure, and the first step is helping them manage their KiwiSaver accounts. Join us for a 35-minute interactive workshop, which includes one-on-one time with a Financial Adviser. This workshop is designed to help you sort out your KiwiSaver account and put you on the right path to becoming financially secure.

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Workshop Structure 

Pre-workshop : Online KiwiSaver HealthCheck - 10 mins
Start by completing the online KiwiSaver HealthCheck. This is an important step of the process and is a pre-requisite for participation. You will be providing us with data that will allow us to create your personalised recommendation which we will go through privately* with you as the last step of the workshop.
*All your data is secure and private. It will not be shared with your employer or your colleagues.

Introduction - 5 mins
A quick explanation of HOW spending the next 35 mins sorting out your KiwiSaver account can be worth $87,000 (or more) to you.

Video Time! - 5 mins
We'll watch a couple of animated videos which explain to you,
1. What Volatility is and how it can affect your KiwiSaver account.
2. How our KiwiSaver advice process works.

Q&A - 5 mins
An Authorised Financial Adviser will answer any questions you may have about KiwiSaver, Investing or Finance in general.

One-on-one with our Authorised Financial Adviser - 20 mins
You will go through your personalised KiwiSaver recommendations one-on-one with an Authorised Financial Adviser. This is your opportunity to understand the WHY behind the recommendations, discuss changes and ask questions.

You will leave with a personalised KiwiSaver recommendation to review. If you decide that our recommendation makes sense and would like to implement it, there will be instructions included.


Want to join the Workshop? Start by submitting the KiwiSaver HealthCheck.



Who is National Capital?

National Capital is not a KiwiSaver provider. We work on behalf of Kiwis such as yourself and advise you on which KiwiSaver fund and provider is best suited for your needs.

We are a registered Financial Service Provider based in Auckand and specialise in KiwiSaver and Investment Research. We have helped Kiwis invest over $100 million of their money in KiwiSaver since 2018.

National Capital is formed on the principles of pūataata (transparency), tikanga (ethics) and taurikura (prosperity). Our mission is to help 1 million Kiwis become financially secure and not have to worry about money. Everything we do will be in an ethical manner and we will allow you to be the judge of that by being 100% transparent.

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What does this cost?

A. KiwiSaver Workshop - Paid for by your employer
B. Personal Recommendations - Paid for by KiwiSaver providers
C. Ongoing Support - Paid for by KiwiSaver providers*

*In case of certain providers, we may charge you a fee for ongoing support. If that is the case, we will inform you beforehand and you can decide whether to proceed or not.


Ready to join the Workshop? Start by submitting the KiwiSaver HealthCheck.