KiwiSaver and First Home Details

The right KiwiSaver fund for a first home buyer

National Capital is specialised in KiwiSaver and Investment research. We have listed all the KiwiSaver funds on this page. There are different considerations a First Home Buyer has when choosing a KiwiSaver fund as compared to someone who is planning to use their KiwiSaver savings for retirement. A first home buyer needs to take into consideration the amount of deposit they need as compared to the funds already in KiwiSaver, the flexibility of the time frame they have to buy a first home, and their tolerance to volatility.

We have tried to answer the question of “Is this the right KiwiSaver fund for a First Home Buyer?”. Click on the name of your current KiwiSaver fund below to get an indication if this is an appropriate fund for a first home buyer.

Which fund is right for me?

However, please note that the information on the pages linked from here is not personalised financial advice.If you want advice based on your own circumstances and goals, please start by submitting the KiwiSaver HealthCheck on our website. National Capital was founded in 2018 and now advises Kiwis on over $100 million of their KiwiSaver savings. We are based in Auckland, but serve clients all over New Zealand. We provide free KiwiSaver advice, with the goal of empowering one million kiwis to become financially secure.

Amanah KiwiSaver Plan

AMP KiwiSaver Scheme

Superlife KiwiSaver Scheme