Why Sharon was grateful to National Capital...

Thinking about her KiwiSaver now is much more comfortable than before

Sharon's expectations of retirement and KiwiSaver was that she should just put your money into that and it'll be fine. She had not given any thought to what fund she was in and did not really understand KiwiSaver.

After being introduced to National Capital, she did the KiwiSaver HealthCheck and did the forecasting of what she needed to retire based on what she said she needed.

National Capital's advice then on what she needed to do next to achieve that goal was a "bit of an eye-opener", in her own words. That's because she wasn't going to achieve her goals the way she was doing it. Having everything put into perspective with the right timeframes and what she needed to do, was something she was very grateful to National Capital for.

In her own words, "I would say to people who have KiwiSaver, get a HealthCheck on it. You might be in the right fund, who knows. But get them to look at it for you, and yeah, A make sure you're in the right fund and B, you're gonna have enough money!" 

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