CareSaver KiwiSaver Scheme


Last 5 years average

-% p.a.

Vs Category Average: 4.9%

Annual Fund Fees


Vs Category Average: 1.1%

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Asset allocation Graph

How this fund invests your money

  • 60% Growth Assets
  • 30% Income Assets
  • 10% Cash
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Total Value of fund

NZ$ 5.2 Million
Performance comparison

Sarah is 42 years old and like most Kiwis her age, should be in a Growth fund (unless they are planning to use the funds to buy a first home).

We've compared what difference it would make for Sarah, had she been in your fund vs the Milford Active Growth Fund, which is one of the funds we research & monitor.

Sarah’s KiwiSaver balance five years ago

  CARESAVER BALANCED FUND Milford Active Growth Fund
KiwiSaver Balance Today $N/A $27,363.16
Annual Fund Fees 1.12% 1.06%
Membership Fee $27 per year $36 per year
FundSource Rating n/a
Asset allocation How this fund invests your money
  • 60% Growth Assets
  • 30% Income Assets
  • 10% Cash
  • 78% Growth Assets
  • 16% Income Assets
  • 6% Cash

CARESAVER BALANCED FUND(CS) vs Milford Active Growth Fund(MIL)

KiwiSaver Balance Today



Annual Fund Fees



Membership Fee

CS$27 per year

MIL$36 per year

FundSource Rating

CS n/a


Asset allocation

How this fund invests your money


  • 60% Growth Assets
  • 30% Income Assets
  • 10% Cash


  • 78% Growth Assets
  • 16% Income Assets
  • 6% Cash
Should I just move to the fund that has better performance?

There are other factors than just performance. You need a fund that is suitable for your current circumstances and goals.

Find out more by watching the short video below...

So why do our clients use us for KiwiSaver Advice?

  • Detailed Research:Just checking the past performance and fees is NOT enough.
  • Answers:How do I know my money is safe? What risks are being taken?
  • Monitoring:We’re constantly monitoring the KiwiSaver landscape.
  • Expertise:Our team specialise in Investment and KiwiSaver research.
  • Gift of Time:We do the hard work, so you can focus on life.

We’re here to help find the best KiwiSaver fund for you. Take our KiwiSaver HealthCheck now.


This page does not contain financial advice, only information. If you want personal financial advice on which KiwiSaver fund is suitable for you, please submit the KiwiSaver HealthCheck. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Click here for an explanation of the calculations and sources used for the data on this page. Data is current as of 1st Sep 2019. 

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