What makes her hopeful about KiwiSaver?

Why Janet is hopeful now that she will get more out of her KiwiSaver account.

Janet felt that even though KiwiSaver was only part of her retirement plan, making sure she got the most out of that part was very important.

Janet said initially she did not have a high expectation of KiwiSaver as a solution for her retirement needs. But after being introduced to National Capital by a colleague, she could explore if her current KiwiSaver was right for her needs. 

Working through the KiwiSaver HealthCheck process with National Capital showed her that it pays to shop around and that some KiwiSaver options bring more in financially. 

In her own words, "I'm hopeful now, that I'll actually get a little more out of my KiwiSaver than I would have had I just let it be."


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