Superlife KiwiSaver Scheme


Last 5 years average

0.57% p.a.

Annual Fund Fees


First Home Buyer - Claire

Claire's current KiwiSaver Balance : $40,000

Claire is 30 years old and is looking to buy her first home within the next few years. She earns $70,000 per year and needs $75,000 from her KiwiSaver account to pay towards a first home deposit. She is contributing 10% from her salary and her employer contributes 3%.

To check if this fund is appropriate for her, we first need to calculate how long it will take Claire to reach her deposit goal and then compare that to how her current KiwiSaver fund invests her money.

How the SUPERLIFE INCOME FUND invests Claire's money

  • 0% Growth Assets
  • 81% Income Assets
  • 19% Cash
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Date started


Total Value of fund

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This fund is a Cash fund and may be appropriate for Claire. However as she she still has 3-4 years to go before she saves up enough money, she may want to move up to a Conservative fund depending on how flexible her time frame is.

  SUPERLIFE INCOME FUND Average of Growth Funds
KiwiSaver Balance Today $20576.54 $25800
Annual Fund Fees 0.56% 1.01%
Asset allocation How this fund invests your money
  • 0% Growth Assets
  • 81% Income Assets
  • 19% Cash
  • 80% Growth Assets
  • 16% Income Assets
  • 4% Cash

SUPERLIFE INCOME FUND(SUP) vs Average of Growth Funds(AVG)

KiwiSaver Balance Today



Annual Fund Fees



Membership Fee

SUP$30 per year

AVG$30 per year

FundSource Rating

SUP n/a

AVG n/a

Asset allocation

How this fund invests your money


  • 0% Growth Assets
  • 81% Income Assets
  • 19% Cash


  • 80% Growth Assets
  • 16% Income Assets
  • 4% Cash
But how do I decide which Fund is best for me?

As in Claire’s example above, it depends on a combination of factors such as how long it will take you to reach your goal, your current contribution rates, and the flexibility of your time frame.

National Capital can help you calculate this and give you advice on which KiwiSaver fund is most suited for your personal circumstances.

Why use National Capital for First Home KiwiSaver Advice?

  • Time Frame:How long will it take you to reach your goal under different circumstances?
  • Volatility Tolerance:We check how comfortable you will be with investing and volatility?
  • Volatility Capacity:We determine what your capacity to endure the ups and downs of the market is.
  • Expertise:Our team specialise in Investment and KiwiSaver research.
  • Gift of Time:We do the hard work, so you can focus on life.
  • No Cost:Our service is at no cost to you. We are paid by the KiwiSaver providers.

Want us to recommend the best KiwiSaver fund for your First Home goals?


This page does not contain financial advice, only information. If you want personal financial advice on which KiwiSaver fund is suitable for you, please submit the KiwiSaver HealthCheck. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Click here for an explanation of the calculations and sources used for the data on this page. Data is current as of quarter ended Mar 2023. 

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