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Fisher Fund acquiring Aon's KiwiSaver scheme and Master Trust Business

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Fisher Funds has recently announced that they reached an agreement to acquire Aon New Zealand’s superannuation, including the Aon New Zealand KiwiSaver scheme and Master Trust.

Bruce McLachlan, Fisher Funds CEO, also mentioned that this acquisition is just another step toward Fisher Fund's plans in fund management for New Zealand. 

“This is an exciting moment for Fisher Funds and will further strengthen our position as one of New Zealand’s leading active funds management businesses.”

“As a result of this transaction, over 21,000 KiwiSaver and Master Trust members and approximately $1 billion will be added to our existing $14.5 billion of funds under management (FUM). This will build on our strong organic growth and the growth in our client’s investment balances in recent times.”

McLachlan also discusses the implications this will have for both clients and employees from Aon.

“The Aon New Zealand KiwiSaver Scheme and Master Trust businesses particularly appealed to us due to their client’s affinity to high-quality active management investment solutions. This aligns with Fisher Funds ethos of delivering outstanding client outcomes.”

“Our priority is now on working closely with Aon to ensure a seamless transition for all members and clients involved.”

“Once the transition is complete, all Aon members and clients will benefit from full access to Fisher Funds active investment team, online platforms, and award-winning client services team. There will be no impact on our existing Fisher Funds clients.”

“I’m also pleased to confirm that all Aon New Zealand KiwiSaver Scheme and Master Trust employees will be offered roles at Fisher Funds, and we look forward to them becoming valued members of our team.”

The transaction is due to complete at the end of November 2021. It will allow for a transition period to allow Aon businesses to fully integrate into Fisher Fund, with a smooth transition for those who work in Aon’s team.

What does this mean for Aon KiwiSaver members?

For Aon KiwiSaver members, your funds will now be managed by Fisher Fund. This could mean a difference in the way your funds are handled and their consequent performance. For anyone unsure about the transition from Aon to Fisher Funds, this is a great opportunity to talk with a financial advisor about how this affects you and your KiwiSaver.

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