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AMP’s KiwiSaver Performance - September 2021

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For AMP’s KiwiSaver Performance, we’ll use their most recent data from September 30, 2021. We’ll be covering AMP’s Lifesteps investment program, which includes their Conservative, Moderate, Moderate Balanced, Balanced, Growth, and Aggressive Funds.

Performance of AMP KiwiSaver Schemes September 2021

Over the past month, we have seen some drops within their KiwiSaver performance overall. 

This could be due to the market calming down after huge growths throughout the past year, or because of Auckland continuing to be in Level 3 lockdown. AMP hasn’t made any press releases on this, but we may see some explanation in the next quarterly update.


1 month

1 year

5 years (p.a)

10 years (p.a.)

AMP Conservative Fund 





AMP Moderate Fund 





AMP Moderate Balanced Fund





AMP Balanced Fund





AMP Growth Fund





AMP  Aggressive Fund 





You can see how they compare with other providers or view a list of the best KiwiSaver funds here.

AMP Conservative Fund

In September, AMP’s Conservative Fund saw returns of -0.97% (after fees), while the past 1-year return was 3.68%. Compared to the average return of 4.93% over the past 10 years, we see that AMP’s conservative fund is not performing it’s expected level that KiwiSaver investors would want. This may have relation to the previously mentioned continuation of lockdown around New Zealand. 

To get an idea of AMPs’ target investment mix, it considers sustainable investing over funds that perform well but invest in sin stocks. This could be an investment for KiwiSaver members wanting to invest in ethical companies.


Target Investment Mix:



AMP Moderate Fund

At the end of September, AMPs Moderate Fund also saw a 1-Month return of -1.10%. Despite this bad month, the Moderate Fund has still seen an overall 1-Year return of 6.61%. This shows that the fund is still  performing above the average 10-year returns of 6.05%.  AMP KiwiSaver investors do not need to worry just yet. Remember, the market always recovers, and with ups, there must also be downs.

Target Investment Mix:


AMP Moderate Balanced Fund

AMPs Moderate Balanced Fund saw a 1-Month return of -1.29%, which is consistent with the pattern we have seen this month. Over the past year, the Moderate Balanced Fund has seen a return of 8.93%. These returns are again still above the average 10-year return of 7%, which is fantastic news. Considering that the returns have been this high with the amount of volatility this Fund has, your KiwiSaver balances will have still grown overall.

Target Investment Mix:

AMP Balanced Fund

AMPs Balanced Fund, as the name suggests, has a balanced amount of volatility. Like the other AMP Funds, it has seen a slight drop over the past month of -1.33%. However, over the past year, the Balanced Fund has seen a return of 11.75%. Well above the 10 year average return of 7.95%. This has been because of the significant returns we saw last year from the lull in the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

Target Investment Mix:

AMP Growth Fund

AMPs’ Growth Fund shows a large amount of volatility within the investments. Over the past month, the Growth Fund saw returns of -1.48%. Over the 1-year returns, however, we still see high returns of 16.85%. This is great, considering that the average returns over the past 10 years are only 9.51% for such a highly volatile fund.

Target Investment Mix:

AMP Aggressive Fund

AMPs’ Aggressive Fund is the highest volatile fund they manage.  Last month, the Aggressive Fund saw a return of -1.51%. However, the returns from the past year were 19.24% overall.  Compared to the 10-year average return of 10.31%. 

This has definitely been one of the stronger years so far for AMPs Funds. KiwiSaver investors may want to keep an eye out going forwards.

Target Investment Mix:

Things to remember

Remember, even though this past month's returns haven’t been great, it’s not necessarily indicating future performance. We saw similar below-average returns in March 2020, which was also when New Zealand was in lockdown. 

Focus on the bigger picture when considering your KiwiSaver, and don’t panic switch because of one month’s low returns. 

If you are currently unsure whether or not you are comfortable with your current provider, talk to your financial advisor today.

AMP KiwiSaver Funds has been sourced from AMP KiwiSaver Scheme Report.

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Want to know how your KiwiSaver fund compares to others, and which is the best fund for you?

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